Friday, July 21, 2017

Employees of BPO in Baguio

Employees of BPO in Baguio 
have been illegally opposed to Sitel employees in Baguio City: They are threatened with the abandonment and are denied rights.

Despite the statements of the Duterte administration that the economy is growing and workers are employed, more than 1,000 employees of a business process outsourcing (BPO) company in Baguio City are at risk of being eliminated.

The waiver authorizes more than 1,000 Sitel. The waiver page is Lateral policy Back to Zero; No Work, No Pay.

The employees of the BPO BPO company are appealing. The company says, they have reduced their client overseas. "(But) it is surprising that in the middle of the regular holidays they will be re-entering the new applicant," said Vicente Toca III, spokesperson for Sitel Philippines Association of Rank and File (Spark) Workers, who has been working for Sitel for almost five years.

Spark also complained of the harassment of the mansion to those who were reluctant to confine. On June 24, Toca was called by vice-president and senior director of Sitel to be forced to check with whom and where Toca obtained the information regarding the countdown. Meanwhile, Paolo Mendez, Spark leader and member of the BPO Industry Employees Network (BIEN), have experienced violent interrogation by Sitel officials.

Toca is challenging Sitel to issue an official document overrun with the number of misleading employees.

According to the BIEN, the BPO companies have been in decay with its employees for a long time.

"We recognize the scheme that they sign a waiver that will be the floating status of the employee with a lateral policy back to zero; No work, no pay. [Here], they have no job of 15 days or more, "Toca said. It is against the Labor Code which states that while workers are floating, they must be paid.

There is no direct written contract with employees about their outcome when their client leaves; It is not clear whether they are regular or not.

Actually, Sitel returns formerly regular from floating status as a new employee. That means, from P12,000 they will be paid only P10,000.

Last week, Spark picked in front of Sitel to protest maneuvers irregularities.

BIEN's Mylene Cabalona emphasized that they strongly opposed Sitel's fair play against the Spark leaders and members, even the lesser rights of combatants.



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