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Pinoy Pride | Is the Filipino youth foolish in their own language?

The Korean language curriculum will be included in the English language curriculum. Okay. As soon as we speak English, our youth will learn ...

The Korean language curriculum will be included in the English language curriculum. Okay. As soon as we speak English, our youth will learn new languages. Is that a Filipino?

Recently, I have watched a video of young Filipinos, ages four to 10. I'm not sure if the children here or abroad are here in the Philippines. The gimmicks, for children, are predicting the meaning of some Filipino words, as if foreigners do not know their own language. Some say the word "blue." There's a lot of mistakes, do not know what the word means. The blue is Filipino color blue. It's astonishing, as though I'm cute as cute girls who do not know what the blue word means-like foreigners who have been to us and are trying to "thigalog," even "good" or "I love keyoh," we're so excited. It's strange because a foreigner is trying to pronounce our language. We're happy. Even though we face a lot.

I have never known German or French when a language phrase they play, will be laughable or happy. They will still be surprised, and correct the correct pronunciation of the words. We, when it's a mistake to pronunciate the porchs who are visiting satin, when they say "adobow," they're as cute as they can, whether they're out on TV or 'in the movie, but when the maid or the car dealer Who said "how are you?" We are not glad-we laugh, yes, but there's something ridiculous.

Go back to the video, five Filipino words and what the children have foretold. At five, only three children have the correct answer. Is it wrong here? Many. Yes, in globalization, we need to learn foreign languages ​​to become "globally competitive." That's right, because we have to go through the flow of the world so we do not leave. But what are the Filipinos in the eyes of the world - foreigners? There is a Dictionary in Europe that carries an edition where the definition of the Filipino word is Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW). If you are hurt, you probably have a relative abroad.

We are hurt by the definition of someone else who sees us but we do not give our pride a sense. There seems to be a growing Filipino pride that can not be justified. But in reality, our pride seems to be in the right place -'that they call it "Filipino pride."

If there is really a Filipino pride, we will not allow foreigners to destroy our natural resources - from Kalinga to Kudarat. We do not allow lifelong survival, the majority of our population. We will also try to create our own industry which will serve us - Japan has a car industry (Honda, Suzuki, Mitsubishi); Korea has a technological industry (Samsung, LG, etc.). If we are truly proud of our race, Filipinos, we will not allow the military base of any foreign country to be ours. The history has proven that no foreign forces are taking place in our country. We must not agree on unequal agreements.

That's the real basis of pride. Not when you tell us the truth, we will get hurt. They say, "Truth hurts, but will set you free." Are we free? No, because the labor export policy continues to sustain our economy, the Stockholm syndrome continues to worsen and worsens many of our countrymen. Still teaching the school at a western perspective.

I asked myself why I was excited and cute to Filipino children who did not even know their own language. I'm probably one of the Filipinos who are out of place for pride, I'm proud of Paqcuiao winning the boxing. I'm just proud of having the wallet of a rich man left behind in the wallet, or a taxi driver to the foreigner he was transporting to the airport. But when protecting consciousness and culture, I am confused by what is and should not be, in what will be harmful and prosperous. I am among the millions of Filipinos whose bets are foreign, and not to fellow Filipinos.

In the decision of the Commission on Higher Education and the Department of Education to point out Hangul (Korean alphabet) to Filipinos, K-pop and Koreanovela fans will no longer have to wait subtitle, they will understand and sing the songs of their idols .

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