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Release and Resistance

Release and Resistance 10 political prisoners have been released, thanks to the mass campaigns and peace talks.    Apolonio Barad...

Release and Resistance
10 political prisoners have been released, thanks to the mass campaigns and peace talks. 

Apolonio Barado, a fisherman from Legazpi City, was sixteen years in jail. Despite a decade of endurance in the cell, Barado did not have any details about it, from supplying him to release.

"They arrested me because I was accused of being a New People's Army. For a long time, it was my hair, "Barado said. He added that the multiple murder case, a "bum," he said.

He told all this with other political prisoners released on the night of July 6. He and the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) consultant Emeterio Antalan, as well as Ricardo Solangon, Joel Ramada, Jose Navarro, Generoso Rolida, Arnulfo Boates, Manolito Matricio, Joshua Ungsod, and Sonny Marbella of conditional presidential pardon.

"This is a good news for their families, friends and supporters who have seen how they were shut out and exploited because of the cases they did not," said Cristina Palabay, general secretary of the Right.

"We are detained because we have a fight, not in any (criminal case)," Barado said, in spite of the excitement of liberation, is still bitterly imprisoned.

Barado will never accept 16 years of non-return. We have the affliction in her eyes, and others released, every time they talk about it.

In fact, Barado had a heart attack in September. She was brought to the Philippine Heart Center, and with the help of outside co-workers, she was able to cure her.

Not only did Barado have a critical illness in prison. The NDFP and the NDFP have also been calling for the release of political prisoners who are seriously ill.

"In the 2nd round of the peace talks, the Philippine government panel released a release of more than 200 inmates, including over 100 who should be released from basic humanitarian status because of the elderly, women with disabilities, , And that's really something very long ago, "said Rafael Baylosis, NDFP consultant. "The third round came, no [still] released."

Like Barado, in the premises that Rolida sold his tuberculosis. In 2003, Rolida was sentenced to death and was sentenced to death in 2005. Her health began to be released.

"Of course, within the building of the prison, because of the many death sentences, many people, you sleep in cement, you have a cardboard," said Rolida.

Rolida's tuberculosis was still critical in 2012, so he was confined to the New Bilibid Prison hospital for four months.

Rolida was just one of the many political prisoners who had been in prison. Last year, Bernabe Ocasla, a political prisoner, died after suffering a heart attack for the third time.

"The elderly, those with illness, and long time in jail, there are so many leftovers that can be released," Rolida added.

Even so, even with the release, they still carry the aim of resuming the fight for the release of another political prisoner. No more than half of the now-released 400 political prisoners have been released, and even Rolida and Barado are still unable to calm down because of the conditional pardon.

According to Manolito Matricio, the farmer, who is now liberated he has the opportunity to join Rafael "Ka Paeng" Mariano of the Department of Agrarian Reform in the development of genuine agrarian reform.

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