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To whom is Duterte's 'gift' in Asean

To whom is Duterte's 'gift' in Asean The Asean agreement on migrant workers has no effect and no effect. It also does not co...

To whom is Duterte's 'gift' in Asean

The Asean agreement on migrant workers has no effect and no effect. It also does not cover the protection of undocumented migrants.

Who will actually celebrate this Christmas at President Duterte's big deal with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean) Summit regarding migrant workers?

While the Duterte treats itself as a change in the so-called Asean Consensus on the Protection and Promotion of the Rights of Migrant Workers, it begins to smell for a group of migrant workers

The agreement signed on November 14, was the result of the "ASEAN Declaration of the Protection and Promotion of the Rights of Migrant Workers" in 2007. In 2018, the plan is set to complete the plan.

"Obviously, there is no proper consultation process, and lack of information on the side of the direct agreement with the migrants themselves," said Migrante International, an organization of Filipino migrant workers around the world and their families.

In addition to insufficient consultation between government and migrants, 2009 has been abolished by other countries in three main points: the legalization of the countries of the agreement, the protection of undocumented workers, and the participation of the family of migrant workers as a stakeholder of the provisions.

Migrante International members included a massive protest against the Asean Summit last week. Boy Bagwis

Legal liability

In the case of legal liability, it appears to be fuzzy, as the Labor Sec. Silvestre Bello III. It is no longer necessary to do so if it is "legally, morally, or politically binding." The important thing is that countries know that they have entered into the agreement and that they need to be fulfilled.

If migrant workers have legal protection in their countries of origin, it is very small and very easy for foreign employers to exploit them in favor of them.

Singapore is one of the protesters who set legal liability for Asean countries that are worsening in the protection of migrant workers. The reason for the leaders of such a country is that it can stave off a country's sovereignty because its legal instrument will directly inform its current laws.

"The concept of 'non-interference' has been repeatedly used to prevent the obligation of the State on human rights ... To fully protect the protection of migrant workers, the need for legal liability of the countries," said Migrante International .

Legal liability is critical especially to Flor Contemplacion's story of immigrant migrants abroad, particularly Singapore.

In 2012, a 23-year-old Filipino housemaid in Singapore was mysteriously killed in the fall from his employer's condominium housing. Apple Gamale has just begun working for a week, but it has come home to boxers in Davao. According to the family, they did not receive any police reports, autopsy, or any documents that would clarify the truth of their family.

If Asean is serious about their purpose, it will set up laws that will undermine the provisions especially as these cases continue to worsen due to the conscientious legal protection of migrant workers.

Right of undocumented

On World Bank note, more than 10 million undocumented migrants have been scattered in Southeast Asia. Escape from employers' cruelty and lack of proper wages and rest days is the main reason for non-documented migrants in the region.

But for Malaysia, the undocumented workers in their security threats to their country so they refuse to provide them with the protection afforded by the agreement.

"The undocumented migrant workers are not just people who enter the country illegally. The more unenrollable work permits, leaving the abusive employer, or the employer will not be expelled, "clarified Migrante International.

This is the reason why migrants who have not been documented are unproductive to their productivity and benefit from their economy as a human security risk.
Family sacrifice

The families left behind by migrants who are leaving the country are forced to sacrifice because there is no opportunity here for their loved ones. Because more migrant Filipino workers are women than men, most of the affected families have no mother.

There are many negative implications for the separation of children from their parents. According to Migrante International's note, sexual and physical abuse and emotional problems are some of the challenges facing children of migrant workers leaving the home country.

"Women are typical caring for the family so the migrant women should have better treatment as workers," the group said. There are so many hidden charges along with the removal of parents in the country to work in foreign lands that are paid not only by those who leave but also of those who have been left behind.

Now that there is a decade of waiting to sign the agreement, can the Asean migrants hope to preserve their essence or implement their calls?

Outside the government-led agreements to protect their citizens against abuse, it should address the local situation of the labor sector. From this sector it is often forced to leave the country because there is no employment available, and if there is a very low wage and a very bad condition in the workplace.

Billions of people for the Asean Summit held in the country are irrelevant to the use of the interests of the few and the imperialist countries such as the US and China, the agreements made in this gathering.

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