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Duterte vulnerable

Duterte shows the forces he stands for: military and police, US and China and ruling classes. In nearly two years of Rodrigo Duterte&#...

Duterte shows the forces he stands for: military and police, US and China and ruling classes.

In nearly two years of Rodrigo Duterte's presidency, the political weaknesses of his regime can be set out: "Drug Contra-Drug" and human rights violations. Studying China in the face of its aggressive claim to Philippine territories. The situation is worse than the peasants, workers and other poor people, as opposed to the promises of the president. And pressures on political opponents.

These issues have led to the discontent of the vast majority of citizens against the regime. They also encourage the criticism of speakers from the middle classes. And they are also being hit by the opposition of various political forces, featuring the Catholic Church, the media and the elite opposition - at various levels. The mass media and organizational organizations of the regime are also closely monitoring and criticizing.

In the past six months, the "drug-fighting drug" has been relatively low, "the result of strong denominations in the country and abroad. But other issues arise because of regime's initiatives. Here lies the supreme repression and threat of the regime at present.

violations of human rights violations, targets the Left, both underground and aboveground, and the mass supporters here. As with political pressure, it is also the aim of human rights violations to weaken the regime's counterparts.

Militarization continues in Lumad schools and across Mindanao. Extra-judicial killings continue, peasant leaders point to different parts of the country.

The country was arrested and attempted to release Patricia Fox is a "bastard" for foreign activists who help the poor. Illegal arrests and insisting some activists operating in Metro Manila - Maoj Maga (February) and Alexander Reyes (June), both Kilusang Mayo Uno center. It released a list of 600 individuals, mostly activists and revolutionaries, who wanted to be declared terrorist in the courts.

Taxes under the Train Law increase the price of basic commodities, and intensify the poverty of the poor. Oil prices and electricity and water rates have risen. Contractualization continues between workers and land deprivation of peasants, contrary to Duterte's promises. Thus, the workers' strike in NutriAsia in Marilao, Bulacan and farmers in the Ramos Landing in DasmariƱas, Cavite - were both violent. And the unity of the different May 11 Uno KMU leadership groups is united.

Not yet educated in the poorest areas of the poor housing in Pandi, Bulacan, the regime still does not distribute thousands of similar housing to homeless. And it mobilizes the poor again to occupy desolate housing, death threats, even the massacre, dumped by Duterte.

The regime has opened a continuation of the peace talks with the National Democratic Front of the Philippines, but it is immediately shut down. It would have been a chance to discuss the necessary reforms of the vast majority of the country. Illegal arrest and detention Rafael Baylosis, NDFP consultant focused on such reforms. The list of 600 individuals, said that the NDFP will agree to the conditions set by the government.

The regime succeeded in overthrowing former Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno. This is a more severe case of pressure from the presidential opponent compared to Sen. Leila de Lima. This would mean Duterte's greater power and Supreme Court compliance with his wishes. Vice-president Leni Robredo immediately felt the direction of the attack and said he was the next to be overthrown. Previously, the regime also tried to persuade to be critical here.

Even Noynoy Aquino, former president, is threatened by imprisonment through cases related to the Dengvaxia vaccine and Disbursement Acceleration Program. Certainly these cases are fundamentals, and the progressive ones are pushing itself, but the regime's purpose is also to be pressured.

One of the biggest issues hit the regime is China's successive bragging claims to Philippine territories. The base-military establishment of the Spratly islands, which brought dangers to the country and against the 1987 Constitution, prohibited foreign military bases unless there was an agreement with the Senate. The revelations related to the regime are disgusting: a slight criticism on China's side, though it is sometimes offensive when condemned. When the regime spent, it was as though Duterte and China had agreed on this and could not be changed.

The US and its alipores are taking advantage of China's activities to push for greater US military presence in the country. US-Philippines military training is ongoing despite Duterte's promise that the latter took place in 2016. The regime continues to serve the US even though it still serves in China.

a case of political assault on the killing of priests of the Catholic Church. Three killed in recent months: Richmond Nilo (Nueva Ecija, June 2018), Mark Ventura (Cagayan Valley, April 2018), and Marcelito Paez (Nueva Ecija, December 2017). Rey Urmenta of Calamba, Laguna survived in June.

Many of these have progressive advocacy. By killing them, the Catholic Church attacks and the sectors and campaigns they are fighting for. Attackers can take the lead in resisting the Duterte regime if the leadership of the Catholic Church determines to be more active here.

It is important to assert: the case of political assault is the brutal murder of Atty. Madonna Joy Tanyag, an Ombudsman lawyer, 33 years old, five-month pregnant, and high school and college activists. He has many cases in which large politicians are being prosecuted. In killing him, the politicians were partially rested and delivered a threat to the Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales, which was also regarded as the protagonist of the regime.

The murder can not be separated from Atty. Popular in the killing and attacks of the regime's critics and opponents - and the widespread massacre caused by the military, police and State forces. The three stab wounds in her pregnant body are not the usual victims of cruel crimes, but Kian delos Santos. Recall that Delos Santos was a 17-year-old drugged shotgun shot behind the head. The motive seems to be the same: intimidate, give an example to the public.

After the killings, Duterte threatened to declare a "state of national emergency" to suppress "criminality." In fact, it would be an extension of his declaration in 2016, with a bomb blast in Davao that killed more than 12 people. It is also extending nationwide martial law in Mindanao which began in May 2017, after the Marawi riot.

After a few days, Duterte reversed the threat, thinking of another way. A few days later, the "neighbors" were arrested in Metro Manila, where one had died in jail. Militarization is intensified in the countryside and other forms of repression.

On the other hand, there is an undeclared martial law in the country; the regime's violence against the people and its opponent. On the other hand, the formal declaration of martial law is still the same. It is a sign of greater suppression, violence and murder. In the case of Duterte's last threat, the blood of the victims of the regime will be used as a basis for shedding more blood.

But Duterte can not hide: the threat of martial law, response to people's growing discontent, protest and protest. He wants to show strength, but his weaknesses are more visible. Strengthens the people's opposition, its measures that promote the interests of US and China imperialists, ruling classes in the country, and their own regime.

Under this threat, he shows the forces he stands for: the State's supporter of the device, the military and police, in support of the US and China and the ruling classes, especially the Marcos and Macapagal-Arroyo champions anxious suppression of the people. He scoffs at God worshiped by Filipinos, but it is clear that he is his idols.

With the continued destruction of the Duterte regime, it is challenging the rising fire of the people's resistance to come to it.

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