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We Are Ready VP Leni Robredo!

 We Are Ready VP Leni Robredo! We Are Ready VP Leni Robredo! I read this post yesterday. I just want to share it with you. Ma'am...

 We Are Ready VP Leni Robredo!

We Are Ready VP Leni Robredo!

I read this post yesterday. I just want to share it with you.

Ma'am Leni,

It's been a few years since I left the office, but I'm still keeping track of what's going on. Earlier, I watched your presscon, and to be honest, I was tired.

I kept saying “you don't accept it, you don't accept it, you don't accept it, giiiiirllll you don't accept it” they are for you.

But I wasn't surprised either. Because if you are still the Vice President I have endured, I have campaigned, voted, and up until now I believe, you will accept Duterte's challenge.

If I learned anything from you, it would be the removal of oneself and emotions from the situation. That is to ask “Do we need to? Can we do anything? ”If the answer to both is yes, no doubt. Although difficult, it seems impossible.

'When we resigned from HUDCC, you had no drama. Although many of the young Staff are furious over the rudeness, you tell us: business as usual. 'When you started to feel embarrassed by the speeches and assumed you didn't win in 2016, your topic at the staff meeting was only 10 seconds, and then you spent 10 minutes reminding the staff to never ask for special treatment for you at the events. You say "even if we have the hassle, as long as we have nothing else to worry about."

Amidst all the hurricanes of your term, your answer has always been “let's just do it.” So you are not a politician, when you decide, the basis is not political capital, but is it good or bad.

When you accepted that position, I said "shet, it's hard." But I'm happy because I've proven myself that you are.

There are those who say, whether it is a party or a haterz, it is political suicide. “Checkmate”, “no way out,” “political strategy wrong, Leni listened to other people,” “the administration has succeeded in pushing her into a corner.” HEHE. Cute. As I know you, you are not uttering words that you cannot stand. You don't joke around unless you can help.

Above all, you are not deciding that the source is political ambition. Because if this is the basis of strategy, which I will admit to my first thought on this issue, it would be easier not to accept the challenge of the Palace.

So even though the fear comes first, I'm excited for you to contribute to the issue. Because it's necessary, because it's good. You have everything to lose, but in doing this, the nation has everything to gain.

And while it may seem impossible that you get out of this unscathed, I believe you will turn this around.

Since I bet you, it seems impossible to win, right? You're not a frontrunner, you're not famous, and they say you can't. Everything you win in your life, impossible battles.

But I bet, we, because that's right, that's the call of time, that's all it takes. To lead the fight against illegal drugs is just another impossible fight, but another fight to win.

A fight that we will again bet on, with you.

During the campaign, you said "the last man standing is a woman." 3 ½ years after, the woman isn't just standing. The woman is cleaning the mess made by a man, the woman is working for those whose lives have been made worse by the prevailing system, and the woman is leading a government failed by “the best and the brightest” of this administration.

And this woman shall emerge victorious. Again. WE ARE PREPARED. #LabanLeni 🔥

Yesterday, I was scared to cry but there was hope. Against Leni, Against Every Filipino.

Fight For The People,

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