10 Tips for Getting People to Read More on Your Website

 10 Tips for Getting People to Read More on Your Website


 Having visitors click onto more pages when using Google Adsense or Yahoo Publisher increases your income significantly, but how can you encourage them to read more than one page when they visit your website?
Here are a few pointers.

1. Create blog pages with reference information that you often refer to in your articles.
These static pages will be searched and indexed by search engines as well, and when you create articles about your subjects, you may link people to these static sites as references to what you are writing about.

2. Use static pages for articles.
By visiting one of the numerous article directories, such as http://www.articlecontentprovider.com/articlesubmit/.
Then direct them to the articles that are relevant to the post you're writing.
You might even create a separate page for each article you publish.

3. While writing, refer to previous entries you've made on your blog or another of your blogs.
This encourages the reader to go back and read earlier articles.
You may also choose your articles by looking over past ones and selecting which ones to follow up on.
Those archives must not be lost or forgotten.
It's excellent stuff (did you write it? ), so utilize it.

4. Make a page with links to your best timeless articles.
You go through your previous posts, select the ones you want people to discover quickly, and then create a links page with those posts directly connected.
Then, from your home page, create a link to that page.
Call it favorite posts or whatever you want, but people who click through and follow those links will benefit you.

5. I've already discussed the "more" tag on my blog.
You create your article typically, then select where you want to split it up into additional pages.
You insert more tags, and viewers must go to a new page to read the remainder of the narrative.

6. Complete one unique project each week.
This is a series of articles about a particular subject.
You will provide it once each week, allowing readers a week to remark on it before teasing them with next week's unique article in the series.
Add links to earlier entries in that series each time.

7. Using material from other websites or blogs is another excellent method to increase visits for all of them.
Use the target new tag to link to content from your other blogs and websites.
While they browse your other website or blog, it will open a new window, leaving the existing blog open.
You may quickly boost your pageviews by exposing your viewers to your other websites and blogs.

8. Make a list of ten previous entries and their links.
Make a blog article on ten things you want your readers to know and read if they haven't already.
They'll go check to see whether they've read those articles previously, boosting your traffic and introducing old content to new readers.
This also informs them that they should go through the archives for anything they may have missed.

9. Using the same or a new list of ten posts, visit other blogs on your subject.
Find postings that discuss something similar to one of those ten articles, then instead of putting a link to the home page in your signature, leave a remark there and point to the post that is comparable and provides valuable information for that blogger viewers.
You will also be boosting the popularity of your links as a result of this.
Would you mind not spamming the link?
Check to see whether it includes any helpful information.
Don't be trolls or spammers, and you'll get more readers and page views for your site.

10. Never cease being inventive.
Use the suggestions in this article, as well as your own, to connect your blog articles.
Make pages.
Don't simply post and then disappear.
That content is valuable; take advantage of it.
Make it impossible for others to find your blog.
They are both lazy and overworked.
Bring it over to them.
That is just excellent customer service.

I hope this article has shown you more to blogging than simply publishing a post now and then or even every day.
If you implement the advice I just provided you on your blog, I promise you will boost your page views, which will improve your income if you use an ad program on your site.