3 Guide to Handling Life’s Struggles: The Path of the Winner 2021

A Guide to Handling Life’s Struggles: The Path of the Winner



Life is full of ups and downs, as well as some unexpected twists and turns.
It may be challenging to cope with when things go wrong or don't go as planned, or when something occurs to throw us off balance and make us question ourselves.
After all, we all want things to go well and for us to come out on top.
But life will always put obstacles in our path, and we cannot control everything.
We shouldn't even attempt.
What matters is not what happens to you but what you do with what occurs to you.  

1. Concentrate on Your Strengths

Sorry to break it to you. We're a jumble of contradictions.
Sometimes I'm joyful; sometimes I'm sad; sometimes I'm optimistic; sometimes I'm pessimistic; sometimes I'm childlike; sometimes I'm adult.
We also have various talents and weaknesses that influence what we do and how we do it, but we prefer to concentrate on our shortcomings rather than our strengths.

A strength is something you do consistently well or at a near-perfect level of performance — it's something you're able to do, you're hard-wired to do well, and it gives you an innate sense of pleasure.
It may be the ability to tackle and solve complex issues, empathize with others, have a vivid imagination, or cook the perfect omelet.

It makes perfect sense to concentrate on what you do well rather than what you don't.
When you concentrate on your shortcomings, you feel terrible about yourself and your abilities; but, when you focus on and play to your strengths, you are sure to achieve results and may even erase any negative impact your deficiencies may have.

I worked with a man who hated public speaking and recognized it as one of his flaws.
He worked as an advertising executive, and as he rose through the ranks, he found himself having to do more and more presentations - he'd stammer, freeze, forget his point, and generally not perform well.
When we concentrated on his talents, we discovered that he had excellent social skills, the ability to develop a strong connection with others quickly, and a terrific sense of humor.
Using those qualities, he effortlessly connected with each individual in his audience, enjoyed himself a lot more, and gave presentations full of fun, humor, and warmth.
He overcame his limitations by using his strengths, and he moved from strength to power himself.

2. Plan Everything Ahead of Time

Sure, there will be occasions when you can go into something, perform well at it, and get the outcome you intended (usually if you're playing to your strengths), but there will also be instances when you stumble into, wing it, and not get the result you wanted.
Whatever difficulties or possibilities you face, you will have a far greater chance of success if you set things up to succeed ahead of time.

So, what do you want to happen?
What would be an excellent solution, consequence, or result?
Get very clear about the result you desire from the situation at hand and how it would feel to achieve that goal.
Then begin to break it down - what can you do to put things up such that your desired result occurs?
What steps must be taken?
What will assist in making your desired outcome a reality?
And what are you prepared to do to guarantee the greatest possible outcome?

Whatever challenges you encounter, it is possible to achieve your goals by being clear about what you want and putting work into putting everything in place to make it happen.
Consider this: if you invest time or effort into setting things up ahead of time, you are much more likely to achieve your desired outcome than if you do not.
It's all up to you.

3. In any case, there is no such thing as losing.

What exactly is the purpose of life?
Getting a decent career, marrying, feeling respected, and having fun?
It means various things to different individuals, but I believe it boils down to trying our best to have, do, and be the best for ourselves and others we care about.
Sometimes it's a challenge, and sometimes it's a pleasure, but what remains consistent is our ability to learn, develop, and grow.
Humans have an unrivaled capacity to learn and adapt, which is why we can perform our best and discover methods to have, do, and be more.

That is why everything you do moves you ahead, and the most amazing things in our world come about by doing one thing, then another, and another.
'I am not disheartened, since every incorrect effort abandoned is another step ahead,' Thomas Edison remarked while working on his 207th prototype for the electric light bulb.
He is entirely correct - everything you try that does not work out is another check in another box, and another step ahead since you now know one more method not to do something and what not to do the next time.
You'll never get to 100 percent until you first get from 1% to 99.9%.

There is the potential for learning in everything you do, whether it comes out the way you intended it to or not.
That is to say, it is all part of the process, and everything you do and learn is a significant step forward.

There is no such thing as failure, just learning, and growth.
So here's to more of the same!"