7 Reasons Why Do we Blog: The Inside Scoop

 7 Reasons Why Do we Blog: The Inside Scoop


Have you ever wondered why you blog or why you feel compelled to?
There are over 70 million blogs on the Internet now, and it's fascinating to see what their goals are.  

Making money online was not simple for regular individuals like us until later.
It was tough to make money on the Internet 4-5 years ago until the WEB 2.0 era arrived.
At the time, the only thing that could assist us was creating a website, its marketing and the sale of advertising space.

Everything changed today.
Blog mania is spreading by the day, and everyone who has heard of blogs wants one.
So, what's the deal?
Let's attempt to make some checks.

1. Praise.

Vanity was, is, and always will be.
Is it shocking that individuals want to be famous?
Consider how many beautiful individuals you've met as a result of your blogging.
Seth Godin, Steve Pavlina, Darren Rowse, and more...
Did you ever meet them if it wasn't for blogs?

2. Expression of oneself

Many individuals blog because it provides them a boost of energy.
I started this blog because I wanted to express my views...
What's the harm?
And some men are experts in many fields, but they lack other avenues for expression.
The Internet is the most excellent tool for individuals like us.

The Internet is not even halfway established, and I do not rule out the possibility that individuals may become famous all over again online, and only after that, in real life.
Such individuals need blogging.

3. Work.

For many people, blogging is a full-time career.
Companies employ writers to write about their new goods and their announcements.
In my article Occupation Blogger, the average monthly income for a blogger in the United States is $2,5-3 thousand dollars.

4. The sale of one's goods.

We can start selling our goods all over the globe via the Internet minutes after we start.
The Internet is the most excellent tool for us to utilize, especially if we have an electronic product such as an eBook or helpful software.
And people take advantage of it.
These goals may be achieved with the assistance of a blog.

5. Affiliate product sales

Recently, new methods have emerged that enable anybody to sell affiliate goods via a blog.
Look at this.

6. To assist another.

Yes, yes, and yes.
And why shouldn't they?
I discovered numerous blogs written by family physicians, radio engineers, and even zoo employees on what we should do in certain circumstances.

7. Earning Money Online.

And ultimately, individuals start blogging for monetary gain.
Consider Jonh Chow; to be honest, I'm not opposed to the fact that my site earns me $18,000 a month.
But I don't have any such plans.
And John isn't the only one.
For many individuals, blogging is a lucrative business.
According to what I've read, Engadget makes more than $100,000 each month.
You're probably with me when I say that these folks don't have any financial issues. :)

Everyone has various points of view, yet they are all the same since blogging has brought us together.
Let us establish blogs, market them, and enjoy the process since it will provide us with many possibilities in our lives.